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An award-winning creative agency with high-end production and post-production capabilities. We are situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, and are Level 2 BEE accredited.

Annihilating average since 1999

We write, design, animate, produce, edit and final-mix television promos. We do corporates. We do commercials. We do service jobs. We do radio and print and billboards. We do cinema conversions. We do events, installations and roadshows. No matter what strategic, conceptual, production or post-production work is needed, we're the guys for the job. Where necessary, we can also sword-swallow, fire-breathe and/or grow lady-beards. Whatever you need to get your audience to love your product.

If you have no idea what you’re after, we’ll think of something for you. And we’ll make sure it’ll knock your audience’s socks, brogues, trousers and underwear right off.

Brand Strategy

We’ll create a detailed blueprint for how we’re going to build your brand, before we bring in the jumping castles and declare you open for business.

Copywriting and Scriptwriting

Every great on-screen romance begins at the desk of a lonely scriptwriter, in a remote corner of the office, hammering at the keys after everyone else has gone home. Don’t worry, we make sure they eat.

Design, Motion Graphics and Animation

Our middle name is ‘After Effects plugin’. Okay, except for Finance where it’s actually ‘Mabel’. We’ll take care of your promo’s every last bevel, emboss and motion blur.

Offline Editing

You know the old maxim: a picture tells a thousand words? So do our Avid editors, who are so well-versed in the art of visual storytelling, they communicate with each other through mime.

Online Editing, Compositing and Grading

Imagine your well-edited promo as a Greek salad. Now imagine it garnished with cherry tomatoes, a splash of balsamic, seasoned to perfection and accompanied with a chilled glass of white. Yummy.

We collaborate with industry professionals to offer the following services

Events and Roadshows

From product launches to conferences, and roadshows to rallies, we'll get your show on the road!

Original Music Composition

We’ll set the perfect score to match your promo. We’ll get especially enthusiastic if it involves melodicas.

Location and Studio Shoots

We’re not confined to just fiddling with footage. We’ll go greenscreen, shoot live and produce on-location, as and when necessary.

Audio Final Mix

This is where we’ll add all the reverb, creepy violin music and Cher-effects your heart desires.

Service Jobs

Only need our little black book and awesome organizational skills? Big or small we're at your service

we love

"I thought I would be retired and weaving baskets on Boulder's Beach by now"

Adi Leach, Company Director


Work. It's a four letter word

As is 'play'. But with a nine to five that's this much fun, who can tell the difference?
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  • Feel Every Moment Ident
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Meet the people
who put the
'OO' in ZOO

The stuff that 'teamwork' motivational posters are made of

Our studio is well-stocked with just over thirty animators, directors, writers, producers, creative directors, editors and designers, plus an assortment of people whose idea of a good time is an Excel spreadsheet macro. Between all of us, we have something like 375 years of experience in the studio. Although we’d probably need to check the Excel macro on that one.

  • Writers / Producers
  • Offline Editors
  • Online editors / graders / compositers
  • Designers / Animators

In 2019, Studio Zoo completed its B-BBEE transaction with Frontier Impact Fund Management, a media focussed organisation under the leadership of Ofentse Pelle. Together, Studio Zoo and Frontier aim to make a meaningful contribution to the new and changing South African media landscape. Studio Zoo is a 51% Black-Owned company as per the Department of Trade and Industry codes of Good Practice.

Who wouldn't want to brag about

Clio Awards

Cannes Awards

Loerie Awards

Promax Awards

"I’m not angry, I’m Italian. This is normal"
Cathy Ferrara, Company Director

Our favourite humans

When you consider the amount of care, attention, support, encouragement, respect and unconditional love we have for our clients … you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re planning on marrying them.


Want to work at Studio Zoo?

If you put the ‘no’ in normal, we might just find a spot for you. Volunteer coffee makers are always welcome, other positions listed below:


Promos…..they’re like normal ads only better. We’re looking for someone special. Someone so special that when we meet you we’ll say, “wowzers, you’re a special kind of special”! Making promos for broadcasters and channels is easy, making great promos is hard work. That’s why we’re looking for a hard-working and talented promo-maker to join our award-winning team.

From clip-based promo creation to full-on shoot-based campaigns, Studio Zoo has been in the advertising game for 19 years and has the silverware to prove it.

So if that sounds like a place you’d like to be and you’re a talented creative with a proven history in promo-making, give us a shout!

If you fit the criteria below and see yourself in the setting above – contact us!


- Over 2 years promo-making experience (traditional advertising agency creatives may apply as well)
- You’re a creative thinker – being able to conceptualise promos/campaigns is key
- Excellent writing skills are an absolute must
- Experience directing shoots would be a massive bonus (but not a requirement)
- A good eye for design – we don’t just think up pretty ideas, we need to make them look pretty too.
We’re not asking you to actually design stuff, but you must be able to separate the ugly from the ‘I’d
like to paint you’.
- It’s TV – deadlines are tight and you need to manage them
- Able to not only read a brief, but apply it, live it and make it a reality
- Strong showreel a plus



Type: Contract/Permanent
Level: Mid to Senior
Remuneration: Neg with experience

Send a Detailed CV with Cover Letter to
PS: If you have not heard from us in 30 days consider your application unsuccessful.


We pay someone to sit at the edge of their seat, and wait to pick up the phone, just to hear your voice. Seriously, her name’s Brenda. She’s at the front desk. She’s really friendly and hardly ever bites.

So if you need a promo produced, want to pop a question or just shoot the breeze, you know what to do:

Studio Zoo,
264 Kent Avenue,
Randburg, Johannesburg,